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Big Kizzy Remover NEW before selling ☆ 1 Austin Mall Release Reuse Salon Size 32oz Free + 8oz

Big Kizzy Remover 1, Release Reuse, 32oz Salon Size + Free 8oz


Big Kizzy Remover 1, Release Reuse, 32oz Salon Size + Free 8oz


Product Description

Remover 1: Release amp; Reuse temporarily neutralizes the stickiness of extension tape allowing it to be easily removed. Also, it quickly corrects application mistakes without retaping or shampooing tape extensions.

Remover 2: Remove amp; Residue is an adhesive remover for your hair that helps get the "sticky" often left behind after removal. Now you can toss those harsh citrus sprays and give our Release amp; Reuse and Remove amp; Residue a try.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes tape in extensions in 10 seconds.
  • Quickly neutralizes the stickiness of extension tape.
  • Designed to minimize ripping and pulling during the tape extension removal process.
  • Removes the tape in one piece without oily residue.
  • Big Kizzy Hair's Tape Extension Remover is the "Wow that is an awesome product" you've been looking for.

We can't wait for you to get your bottle TODAY!

Big Kizzy Tape Hair Extension RemoverBig Kizzy Tape Hair Extension Remover

Introducing Big Kizzy Release Tape Hair Extension Remover amp; Residue Remover

Most removers for tape extensions only address the removal process. The truth is there are 2 parts to the removal process:

  1. Removing the tape extension panels without leaving an oily residue behind.
  2. Removing the sticky residue that is often times left after the tape panels have been removed.

Big Kizzy Hair's Extension Removers give you the right product for the right job. Oil or citrus based removers are extremely hard to remove from not only your own natural hair but the tape extensions as well.

Ever have any issues with your tape extensions slipping after a reapp? If the remover you used was oil based then it might be due to the fact that you didn't get all of the oily residue shampooed completely out of your hair before reapplying your tapes.

Our Extension Tape Removers were designed and used by a licensed cosmetologist and extension expert. Everything you need to get the job done right is included in this kit.

Detailed removal and reapp instructions included in every kit.

Troubleshooting Tape Extension RemoversTroubleshooting Tape Extension Removers


After thousands of removals here are some of the main issues people have when removing tape extensions. Below are some of the issues people have had with our tape in hair extension removers. At Big Kizzy Hair we are constantly trying to improve our products and how people interact with them. Most companies try and hide negative feedback like this. We think that these are places where we can grow and improve as a brand.

Do you ever wonder why some people have problems and others don’t? The reality is that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to anything. We highly recommend doing a test on 1 tape sandwich to make sure our removers are compatible with your tape extensions. That's a nice way of saying be sure to read the instructions. If you run into any issues we are here to help.

All of these problems can be avoided by reading and following the detailed instructions included in every remover.

Does not remove the tape.

  • Be smart! Do a test on 1 tape sandwich before diving into the entire application. Both of these removers works on most tape extensions. There are several glue additives that can be applied to the extension tape to strengthen the hold. This can change how quickly the removers work.
  • If you only apply Remover 1 to the outside of the tape extension panel then it will be VERY difficult to remove. Aim the nozzle where the 2 sandwiches meet each other. Spray Remover 1 generously and insert a metal tipped comb between the 2 panels - spray again. Wait 30 seconds and slide out of the hair.

Partially dissolves the tape.

  • Sounds like someone skipped Remover 1 and used Remover 2 to take out their tapes.
  • Remover 2 can take out your tape extensions, however, it was designed to remove the sticky that is often left behind in the hair after removing the tape extensions. It’s whole job is to break down the ick and the sick so you can remove it.
  • If you use Remover 2 first then it will start breaking down or “dissolving” the tape.
  • Don’t spray Remover 2 onto your tape extensions. Only use this on the residue that is left behind.
  • If you have tape left behind after removing the tape panels then spray Remover 1 and use a fine tooth comb to work out the tape while the hair is wet. Once the tape is gone use Remover to on the sticky left behind.

Product caused clumps of hair of fall out.

  • The shedding experienced during the removal process is almost always from natural hair shedding that occurs on a daily basis.
  • The average person loses 100 hairs per day. This is normal for most people because it is being replaced with a new hair right behind it.
  • You will experience some shedding when you take out your tape extensions. This is the hair that was naturally shed and was caught inside the tape sandwich.
  • If you experience any ripping, tearing or pulling as you are taking out your tapes something is wrong. We highly recommend seeking out a salon pro to help sort you out.
  • If you experience excessive shedding please seek professional advice. it is most likely due to a medical condition or because the tape extensions were not applied correctly. If the tapes are applied too tight or if you don’t get enough hair inside the sandwich - fine fragile hair can easily break off.

These removers don’t work on glue.

Indeed it does not. This is not a glue remover. Remover 1 was specifically designed to be used to neutralize the stickiness of tape extensions. Remover 2 deals with the residue left behind. We highly recommend testing the removers out on 1 panel or area to make sure it is compatible with the extension line you are using.

This is just rubbing alcohol.

Remover 1 is an alcohol based remover, however, it should not ever be confused with “rubbing alcohol”. Nor should you attempt to take out your tapes with something like rubbing alcohol. It absolutely does not do the same thing.

This isn’t a “real professional” remover.

  • These are are the real deal. Our tape extension removers that are used in salons on the daily.
  • One of the main reasons salons use our tape extension removers is because they work and because they are a great value.
Regular Hold Extension Tape amp; Remover Extra Hold Tape amp; Remover for Extensions Tape for Extensions Blueberry Sealing Tool Shampoo amp; Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil for Extensions
Regular Hold Tape amp; Remover 1 Bundle Extra Hold Tape amp; Remover 1 Bundle Tape for Extensions amp; Sealing Tool Dry Extensions? Weave got you covered. Deep Conditioning Booster Oil for Dry Extensions

Big Kizzy Remover 1, Release Reuse, 32oz Salon Size + Free 8oz

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